L.C.C. Property Services Inc. Exton, P.A. 19341 phone: 610-594-9656

Snow & Ice Removal

LCC Inc. provides snow and ice removal for commercial, corporate offices, and retail shopping centers which requires a dedicated and committed staff providing quality service at a momentís notice. Maintaining a safe and secure environment during a snow event is our number one priority for our clients. Our teams manage the snow and ice so our clients can manage their businesses. We maintain a large fleet of equipment at the ready to move at the first sign of inclement weather. Winter weather event can change quickly and require prompt attention to maintain a safe environment. During a snow event, the access roads, parking lots, and business entrances get prompt attention and are maintained during the event. After the snow event, ice and snow melt is managed through regular site visits and contact with property management to ensure a safe and secure property. Our team is at the ready to provide our clients with quality service whatever the weather condition.

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