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landscape plantings

Landscape Plantings

Landscapes are not always about plants, spaces, and structures. They are about how each of these components links together to create a cohesive, seamless picture. When designed as a unit, these elements create the relationship between the needed components and scene to which we are drawn. The artistry of the well-placed tree or grouping of plant material can often make one feel completely secluded in the middle of a larger community. We like to call these spaces landscape retreats.

Patio - Hardscaping

Perrenial Gardens

Perennials often contribute to the mood through color and texture in the larger landscape scene. The perennial plant material will go through many changes during the growing season. Each change is reflective of the season; springís emerging growth and early color, summerís grand show of mature growth and structure, fallís transition from the heat to shorter, cooler days and evenings which bring the color changes of foliage and the focus changes to the texture of winter in the perennial garden.

Walkway - Hardscaping

Woody Plant Material

Woody plant material is often the element of the landscape that is used to develop the greater landscape scene. When designed and installed into the landscape with clear vision and purpose, these plants create the base and contribute to the connection of spaces. When installed as an anchor to an area or as a component of a scene, these plants develop the spaces that become the rooms and retreats in the landscape.

Retaining Wall - Hardscaping

Rain Gardens

Drainage and erosion control systems often need an area where the excess water needs to be released to the grounds surface. In these cases a rain garden composed of wetland plant material and amended soils is used. These plants are often native plant material to wetland areas and are tolerant of the excess moisture in these drainage areas. These plants thrive on the added soil moisture and aide in the filtration of pollutant and infiltration of the moisture into the ground.