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Residential Property Services

Each client has an expectation of personal service. LCC Inc. understands that need and employs the personnel to provide that SERVICE. As a property owner, you want and need a service provider who will be reliable and professional. You want a maintenance provider who will answer your calls and questions quickly and promptly. LCC Inc. has been doing just that for more than 20 years. We believe that each client leads to a new client, and that is how we grow.

Our teams work together to provide a reliable and consistent service. Your property shines; you can enjoy the finer things in life. LCC Inc. provides residential property services from weekly lawn cutting to complete property maintenance.

Weekly Lawn Cutting

Weekly Lawn Cutting

Our crews perform weekly lawn cutting, trimming, and clearing lawn clippings from paved surfaces. While trimming planting and paved areas, vertical trimming is used to redefine clean edges. As a residential service provider special attention is given to sites which require time sensitive maintenance due to weather conditions.

Common Ground Maintenance

Common Ground Maintenance

Lawn maintenance crews routinely manage large and small HOA properties as part of the regular schedule. When needed, field maintenance equipment is used to maintain meadows and pastures. Common ground areas require a crew with an understanding of how a community is viewed. When a homeowner says the name of their community, they are showing you how much the community means to them.

Fertilization Programs

Fertilization programs are designed to meet the needs of the property and client. Applications are applied in a time-sensitive manner which promotes a more effective result. Seasonal aeration and over seeding is provided when required.

Pruning for Plant Health

Often over looked, proper pruning is key to long term plant health. This is reflected in the strength of the plant and the quality of growth. Sign of improper pruning can be; poor leaf color do to disease or insects, lack of flowering, weak and damaged branches. When proper care is given early to plants longevity is increase and costly maintenance can be greatly reduced.

Patio - Hardscaping

Seasonal Planting Bed Maintenance

Seasonal landscape maintenance includes complete: Spring clean up; general planting area and property clean up, spring pruning, planting area edging, pre emergent, mulching, - Summer seasonal pruning - Fall clean up; leaf removal, fall pruning, and winter pruning. Monthly planting area maintenance includes weed control and plant health review.